Built Heritage Conservation Projects

The city of Cochin revels in being a metropolitan where diverse cultures coexist without tampering the rich history of the city. Fort Cochin and Mattanchery are historic towns brimming with tales of myriad seafaring visitors from around the world who arrived here for trade and eventually settled down on these charming lands. It is home to many […]

Disposal of used Sanitary Napkins in schools

The proper and safe method of disposal of used sanitary napkins has been a major hurdle faced by city administrations the world over. Used sanitary feminine napkins are usually considered as residual waste, that is not compostable or recyclable and, therefore goes to dump-sites and landfills. It plays a major role in the clogging of […]

Gandhi Statue Restoration at Gandhi Square, Petta junction

The Gandhi Square at Petta Junction, Tripunithura came into existence when the citizens of that area had placed a photo on the pedestal after the Mahatma was assassinated on January 31, 1948. Later on this photo was replaced by a bust of Mahatma Gandhi.  With time, the Gandhi Square began to see an immense increase […]

Management of Cultural Institutions

Cochin has a spectacular heritage of cultural expressions across many art forms and customs. The city has a secular, multicultural and diverse community. Amidst all major developments, the need for preserving, promoting and propagating the rich culture, tradition and heritage of the city is necessary. The role played by cultural institutions in this regard is […]

Digitilization of Classrooms – Smart Class Room

We are living in an age of technology where technological advances are necessary for students, teachers and schools to compete with the developed countries. With an aim to reap the maximum benefits of modern technological advancements, the city administration decided to include the Project ” Smart Classroom” in its budget for the year 2012-2013. The c-hed had  prepared […]

Dutch-Cochin Project formulation

The commercial capital of Kerala and the cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Cochin is a mesmerizing blend of cultures. It has been the most sort after destination by sea-farmers and traders who later on settled on this enchanting land. Blessed with one of the finest natural harbours, the city of Cochin is rightly called ” The […]

The Centre for Heritage, Environment and Development (c-hed) is an autonomous institution functioning as the Research and Development wing of the Kochi Municipal Corporation in the fields of Urban Development, Governance, Environment, Tourism, Culture and Heritage. Sanctioned by the Government of Kerala and established in the year 2002 by the city administration, c-hed has been an integral part of the planning efforts and development aspirations of the Kochi Municipal Corporation.


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