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Subhash Bose Park

Subhash Bose Park is one of the most frequented public spaces in Kochi.  Park was affected in a major way with the new malls that rose in the city. With poor maintenance and lack of upkeep, the Park was finding it difficult to attract crowd. It is in this regard that a major facelift work was carried out so as to revive the lost glory of the park. The entire renovation work included landscaping, tiling, providing common meeting place, and musical walkway, installation of play equipments, electrical works etc. which were completed. Major attractions in the park include a musical pathway that is divided into four zones. Each zone plays different kinds of music. New lawns, benches, lights, toilets and waste bins have also been set up along areas for the elderly. The park is live and now thronged by people daily. A serious maintenance plan is being followed in the park.

The Centre for  Heritage, Environment and Development has been assigned the task of maintenance and management of the Park.12004718_1025333367497778_7306656856102637196_n 12009590_1025333420831106_4437289491911986670_n 12011350_1025332987497816_5110711194030564459_n 12038406_1025332970831151_1942109506092143200_n

Meeting with Hon’ble Ambassador of Belgium H.E Mr. Jan Luykx

A trade mission from Belgium led by Ambassador Jan Luykx and Consul-General Bart De Groof has offered technology solutions and ideas for the Kochi Smart City programme. During a joint session organised by the Belgium Embassy in India, Brussels Invest and Export, Kochi Municipal Corporation and Cochin Smart Mission Ltd on Monday, presentations and B2B (business-to-business) discussions were held on various urban development components, including waste management, e-governance solutions, public transport, public space management, energy, industries, street lighting and engineering solutions for infrastructure development.

The representatives of five major Belgian companies made presentations based on which the

interactions were held.The purpose of the trade mission visit was to showcase the best practices from Belgium and to have an exchange of ideas on the future of urban development in our respective cities.The  meting was organised by c-hed.

Water Policy for Kochi

The city of Kochi is facing unique water related problems like continued increase in population due to urbanization and industrialization which is causing severe decline in the quality and quantity of water. It is against this background that the budget of the Kochi Municipal Corporation for the year 2014-2015 decided to have a local water policy for Kochi to deal with the water crisis in the city. This is a first time ever in India that a local self government is developing its own local water policy under the purview of the National and State water policies.

The c-hed was assigned to coordinate and facilitate the formulation of this policy. In this regard, a scientific study of the quality of water was conducted along with a water audit.  The report was handed over to the Kochi Municipal Corporation on 03/10/2015.


Steel cutting for RO-RO vessels

The ‘steel cutting’ for the two roll-on-roll-off vessels of the Kochi Municipal Corporation  was held on August 1 at 11 a.m. at the Cochin Shipyard.

The two vessels, which can carry passengers as well as cars and trucks, have been named as RY 96 and RY 97. Prof. K.V. Thomas, MP cut the steel for RY 96 and Mayor TonRo-Ro Steely Chammany cut the steel for the second vessel.

The vessels, to be built by the Cochin Shipyard, will be operated in the Kochi backwaters between Fort Kochi and High Court Junction reducing the travel time considerably. By road, it would require over an hour to cover the 20-km distance between these two points.

City Water Audit for Kochi

The city of Kochi is one of the fastest-growing urban centers in the country and is the commercial capital of Kerala. With 74 wards, the Municipal Corporation is the most densely populated one in the state and faces many challenges in the water sector, ranging from inadequate water distribution network, depleting groundwater quantity and quality to increasing water pollution, population growth and changing land use patterns that result in loss or depletion of water resources.

iron-cpIn this regard, a Water Audit for the city was coordinated by the Centre for Heritage, Environment and Development with the support of Water Institute of SCMS School of Engineering and Technology. Water audit is an important resource management tool to reduce misuse or overuse of water and for the effective conservation of the sources. The audit has revealed that more than half of the households in Kochi have insufficient water for household use. The audit has also brought to fore how contaminated the ground water in the area under the Kochi Municipal Corporation is. Protection and conservation of water resources have been highlighted as a remedy.

Relaunch of the works of the new Corporation Office Buliding

After a rift of over 8 years, the Kochi Municipal Corporation re-launched the construction works of the new Corporation office building at Marine Drive. DSC_0513The excise, fisheries, port Minister Shri. K Babu inaugurated the re-launch function on 16th July 2015. The entire construction work of the building will be completed in 18 months.

Main Office

It was in 2005 the work of the new office building with an area of 1,70,000 square feet was started. But the work was delayed due to various legal issues with the contractor. The project has been included in the Mission Kochi 15-8-15 project of the Kochi Municipal Corporation and resolved all the issues with  the contractor in a fast track mode.

The structural stability of the building was inspected by the experts from Cochin University of Science and Technology and suggested remedial measures were completed by the Kochi Municipal Corporation.


The new building would be equipped with mini conference hall, separate office for Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors and other departments, parking facility for 200 vehicles, reception centre, waiting area, library, rest rooms etc, A large council hall with a seating capacity of 200 people will also be constructed in the proposed new building.

The entire project is being coordinated by c-hed for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

Water Quality Analysis

The Kochi Municipal Corporation had conducted a water quality analysis as part of the Water Policy project for the City. The analysis was carried out by the Water Institute of the SCMS College. Presence of coliform bacteria, nitrate and iron was detected in the drinking water in the analysis. The contact of sewage water directly with the ground water has resulted in this contamination. Since presence of coliform bacteria was reported from water samples collected, experts suggested to use boiled water.

Water Audit (2)

The samples were collected by the trained volunteers of Kudumbashree. They had collected samples from bore wells and surface wells of the 74 wards of the Kochi Municipal Corporation. A survey on the water use pattern is progressing. Based on this water quality analysis and water use pattern, the water policy for the city will be formulated.

The entire project is being coordinated by c-hed for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

Kochi – A WiFi City

KOCHI_WIFIThe Kochi city is now WiFi enabled.The Kochi Municipal Corporation along with BSNL and Quadgen Wireless Solutions has launched 10 free WiFi hot spots locations in the city.The 10 locations are Kochi Municipal Corporation Office, Subhash Park, Marine Drive, District Court Complex, High Court, Durbar Hall ground, Edapally Junction, Kaloor Bus stand, Mattanchery and Fort Kochi.

Public can access wifi network online or through recharge coupons.To use the service, a user needs an authentication password, which will be sent to the mobile number after registering on the network.The service will be free for first login for the 30 minutes.wifi

Kochi Municipal Corporation is the first Municipal Corporation in the country which provides free WiFi facility for public.

The entire project is being coordinated by c-hed for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

Kochi Night Life Zone

The city’s dream of nightlife will take wings soon by the Kochi Municipal Corporation’s new project for proposing nightlife zones in Broadway, Subhash Park, Marine Drive, Foreshore Road, Durbar Hall and Park Avenue in cooperation with GCDA and District administration. These selected zones will be equipped with mobile food kiosks, promote socio-cultural activities, shopping facilities etc. With the setting up of the arrangements for nightlife, these zones will turn into major attractions within the city. As part of the project, it is planning to keep the Subhash Park open for families till midnight.

A meeting will be convened with the stakeholders and concerned authorities to explore the possibility of the project.


Broadway Makeover – MoU Signed with Kerala Merchants Chamber of Commerce


The Kochi Municipal Corporation and Kerala Merchants Chamber of Commerce signed a Memorandum of Association (MoU) for the maintenance and beautification of Broadway, one of the oldest and busiest trade centres in the city. As per the project, the Broadway will be spruced up with 52 ornamental lamp posts with lamp shades starting from Shanmugham Road to Canal Road, surveillance cameras and arches. Cast iron benches will also be installed on either side of the Broadway. In addition, the Broadway will be equipped with mobile food kiosks that functions from 9pm to 1pm.

Parking has always been the bane of the stretch. Hence parking has been given prime attention under the project.

The entire project is being coordinated by c-hed for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.