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Mullassery Canal Project – Team visit

Ms. Teresa Kerber, the Project Manager for SUD-SC Phase II project of GIZ visited Kochi to meet with the Hon’ble Mayor and Dr. Rajan Chedambath, Director, c-hed. She was accompanid by Ms. Charlotte Pusch, GIZ, Ms. Fathim Rashna, GIZ, Mr. Esakkiraj S, GIZ. The team also visited the Ente Kochi Urban Design Competition site – the Mullassery canal, post the discussions.


Kochi Ithile way finding signage project was created based on Reimagining Fort Kochi
Proposal and and Transport Strategy document by SMART-SUT for West Kochi Island with
partners including Kochi Municipal Corporation, Centre for Heritage, Environment and
Development (C-HED), and GIZ India , through the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative
(TUMI), funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

The Way finding signages developed through a consultative process aims to provide
localized information both for locals as well as tourists. This information can be beyond the
architectural and heritage landmarks and can also address the local landmarks, public
spaces, activity generators and other aspects which the locals and tourist associate to. This
will be developed as large panel format and will include information both in Malayalam as
well as in English (if possible, also braille and audio will be offered).

The way finding signages were inaugurated by the Hon’ble Kochi MLA Shri. K.J. Maxy presided by the Hon’ble Mayor of Kochi Municipal Corporation Adv. M. Anilkumar in presence of Standing committee chairs, Councillors, and other officials.


Nature Based Solutions is one of the few important verticals in which Kochi Municipal Corporation is focused on. In this regard Kochi Municipal Corporation is launching the KAVAKI initiative, which focuses on increasing the cities green cover by developing urban grooves of native trees in a data-based approach focusing on the most heat stress vulnerable regions.

The Initiative is supported by the world Cities4Forests movement, a collaboration of over 80 cities from around the world of which Kochi is the flag bearer from India. World Resources Institute India (WRI-India) and Centre for Heritage, Environment & Development (C-HED) together provides the technical support for this initiative.

KAWAKI initiative was inaugurated today at Edward Memorial Government School, Veli, Fort Kochi by the Hon’ble Kochi MLA Shri. K.J. Maxy presided by the Hon’ble Mayor of Kochi Municipal Corporation Adv. M. Anilkumar in presence of Standing committee chairs, Councillors and other officials.

The city of Kochi is an important place of employment for migrant workers in Kerala. The migrant workers in any urban centre are often forced to live in unhygienic and unsafe conditions. The case to some extent in Kochi is the same. They are often denied the access to safe and fair accommodation in the city.

In this regard, the Kochi Municipal Corporation decided to prepare and implement a comprehensive plan to address the housing crisis of migrant workers in the city. With an aim to ensure that no one is left behind or homeless, the Kochi Municipal Corporation introduced ‘Rapid Response Policy Engagement – Affordable Rental Housing for Internal Migrant’ project in its annual Budget for the year 2021-22. The aim was to engage with relevant stakeholders to collectively devise a policy for ensuring access to affordable rental housing for internal migrants in Kochi. The project was spearheaded by the Kochi Municipal Corporation with the technical support of the University of Reading, United Kingdom and coordinated by the Centre for Heritage, Environment and Development (c-hed) in association with the Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development (CMID).

The policy document prepared as part of the project was presented to the Kochi Municipal Corporation on September 03, 2021 . Prof. Angelique Chettiparamb of Reading University handed over the policy document to Mayor Adv. M. Anilkumar. The function was attended by Deputy Mayor, various Standing Committee chairs, Councillors and Kochi Municipal Corporation officials.