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Study on Soil Erosion and Deposition

A leading seaport since the 14th century, Cochin is the coastal city of Kerala with multi-cultural population. Being a dynamic coastal region, city’s coastal area is prone to erosion and depositioncoast3 at different locations.

Many studies indicate that a major stretch of Kerala’s coast line is eroding.

The coastal areas of this city are experiencing intense and sustained environment pressures from  a range of driving forces which have been increasing in their intensity over the decades.

 As a result, there is an unprecedented coastal erosion and deposition taking place from the coastal area of Cochin. coast2The c-hed is working on a project to identify the reasons for these phenomena, to come up with remedial measures.

Dutch-Cochin Project formulation

fc4The commercial capital of Kerala and the cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Cochin is a mesmerizing blend of cultures. It has been the most sort after destination by sea-farmers and traders who later on settled on this enchanting land. Blessed with one of the finest natural harbours, the city of Cochin is rightly called ” The Queen of The Arabian Sea”.


Cochin is surrounded by several cities of monumental valuefc2, such as the Fort Cochin and Mattanchery area, that take you to a different world. The Chinese fishing nets, the Jewish Synagogue, the Dutch palace, the Portuguese and British Architecture, all finely blend with the rich heritage of the land, intricately woven folklore and fact.They probably have the best preserved history of colonial times.

The c-hed has prepared and submitted a project proposal for the development of ‘A Heritage Walk’ for Fort Cochin and Mattanchery area with the support of Ms. Petra Boekstal, a scholar from Netherlands. The prepared project proposal is being processed by the Dutch Embassy for financial assistance.


Digitilization of Classrooms – Smart Class Room

We are living in an age of technology where technological advances are necessary for students, teachers and schools to compete with the developed countries. With an aim to reap the maximum benefits of modern technological advancements, the city administration decided to include the Project ” Smart Classroom” in its budget for the year 2012-2013. SMART CLASSROOM

The c-hed had  prepared a project proposal in this regard, initiating  the project for the Kochi Municipal Corporation focusing on digitizing and equipping the schools under the city administration, with latest technology tools that will improve the learning environment.

10 schools were selected initially for the implementation of smart class rooms in the first phase  by the Kochi Municipal Corporation. The project aims to implement this innovative learning experience successfully in each and every school coming under the city administration. This project is being coordinated by c-hed and is ongoing.

Management of Cultural Institutions

Cochin has a spectacular heritage of cultural expressions across many art forms and customs. The city has a secular, multicultural and diverse community. Amidst all major developments, the need for preserving, promoting and propagating the rich culture, tradition and heritage of the city is necessary. The role played by cultural institutions in this regard is worth mentionipallath-raman-cultural-centreng.

The c-hed has been given the mandate to manage various cultural institutions under the Kochi Municipal Corporation which includes the Pallath Raman Cultural centre, Veli, Fort Cochin, P.J Antony Memorial Centre, Pachalam, Vylopilly Samskarika Kendram, Kaloor etc. At Pallath Raman Cultural Centre, a performing arts centre called ‘Kalagramam’ is functioning well and a proposal for building a world class performance centre is being planned at Pachalam.


Gandhi Statue Restoration at Gandhi Square, Petta junction

The Gandhi Square at Petta Junction, Tripunithura came into existence when the citizens of that area had placed a photo on the pedestal after the Mahatma was assassinated on January 31, 1948. Later on this photo was replaced by a bust of Mahatma Gandhi. gandhi

With time, the Gandhi Square began to see an immense increase in traffic, forcing the authorities to move the bust to a better location, without obstructing the flow of traffic. Later on, this bust was replaced by a new nine feet tall, bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Square.

The c-hed had coordinated and also mobilized funding for installing the new Mahatma Gandhi statue at Petta Junction.


Disposal of used Sanitary Napkins in schools

The proper and safe method of disposal of used sanitary napkins has been a major hurdle faced by city administrations the world over. Used sanitary feminine napkins are usually considered as residual waste, that is not compostable or recyclable and, therefore goes to dump-sites and landfills. It plays a major role in the clogging of our city drainage and sewage systems; facilitating the spread of various epidemics due to the presence of bacterial  body fluids in the napkin.

Thus there is a need to address this important menace of sanitary waste disposal effectively. The Kochi Municipal Corporation has been trying to educate and spread awareness among children about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. As a part of its commitment towards keeping the city clean and hygienic, a novel scheme was announced for disposal of  sanitary napkins by the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

c-hed has initiated the project for tackling this looming danger of improper disposal of used sanitary napkins and install used sanitary pad disposer in schools falling under the city administration.The project is ongoing.

An Academic Session with students from Georgia University

DSC_1116The c-hed, an academic institution is into collaborations and exchange programmes with many notable national and international universities.

The association with various universities and institutes across the world has led to collaborative research, academic support in terms of courses, seminars and developing academic programmes. Such partnerships has been facilitating the exchange of ideas and exposure to new experiences and outlook.

Lately in the series, an interactive academic session was held with the students from the University of Georgia. They were enlightened on the history, urban development, governance, planning activities and heritage of the city of Cochin.


Project on the “Impact of Plastic Debris on Marine and Human Health”

Plastic pollution in marine eco-system has been causing health hazards and economic loss. This non-biodegradable haphazard is one of the major threats to the very existence of mankind on this planet. Image001

The presence of plastic pollutants in the sea and backwaters of Cochin has been upsetting the marine eco-sytem and breeding grounds of a large number of economically important fish varieties.

c-hed has been coordinating various programmes and seminars to spread awareness among people about the ill-effects of plastic wastes on marine and human health. A project on the “Impact of Plastic Debris on Marine and Human Health” has been initiated by c-hed in association with Global Ocean, Cochin University of Science and  Technology (CUSAT) and St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam.

Special Session towards Formation of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) for the City of Cochin


Though the rapid urbanization over the years has increased the number of roads, the unorganized parking, congested junctions are all causing havoc’s to the smooth flow of traffic within the city.

Public transport systems have not been able to keep pace with the rapid increase in demand over the past few decades. Bus services in particular have deteriorated and passengers have turned to personalized modes and intermediate public transport (IPT) (such as auto rickshaws, jeeps, taxi, tempos, mini buses etc.), adding to traffic congestion.

In order to facilitate coordinated planning and implementation of urban transport programmes and projects and an integrated management of urban transport systems, setting up of UMTA is essential.

With an aim for improving the transport facilities of the city the c-hed had initiated a special session towards formation of Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority.

The event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister Sri. K. Babu – Minister for Fisheries, Ports and Excise, and attended by stakeholders, MLA’s and officials from Institutions.

DSC_0575     DSC_0564

Road Conclave


The City of Cochin widely known as the commercial and economic capital of the state of Kerala, has been facing serious problems with regard to maintenance of its roads. The present road infrastructure hasn’t been able to meet the growing traffic demands and hence traffic congestion is becoming a major problem for the city. In order to build roads that can withstand rain, heavy traffic flow and raise the standards of laying the roads, a conclave was organized by c-hed for Kochi Municipal Corporation.

Emphasizing on the need for good transport infrastructure which is critical for the city’s economy, the conclave saw the participation of stake holders, experts from Road and Transportation sector, People’s Representatives, Engineers, PWD, RBDCK, NHAI and Port Trust.

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