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Visit of Councillors from Vadodara Municipal Corporation to Kochi Municipal Corporation

A 40 member team of councillors from the Vadodara Municipal Corporation visited the Kochi Municipal Corporation to understand and learn about the city’s achievements. The team visited Kochi Municipal Corporation as they were attracted by the Corporation’s achievements in solid waste management. Sewage treatment, drainage, protection of heritage areas and E-governance were also discussed during the meeting. The team was led by the Municipal Secretary Shri. Chinthan R Desai.


A detailed presentation on the city profile was made by Shri.K.B. Gopalakrishna Pillai, Town Planning Officer of the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

The team had a detailed discussion with Hon’ble Mayor Shri. Tony Chammany, Deputy Mayor Smt. Bhadra B, Town Planning Standing Committee Chairman Shri. K.J.Sohan and the Kochi Municipal Corporation Secretary Smt. A.S. Anuja.


The All India Institute of Local Self-Government with its headquarters at Mumbai organized the visit.

This was coordinated by c-hed for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

Visit of Japanese Delegation to Cochin


A 40 member Japanese delegation including the Mayors of five cities visited the Kochi Municipal Corporation and evinced great interest in helping the Cochin City in sewage treatment, water – disaster management and environmental issues. The 40 member Japanese delegation also included the members of Lake Nakaumi, Lake Shinji and Mt. Daisen Area Economic Council and the Sanin India Association.

A detailed presentation on Kochi’s urban landscape, development potential and issues was made by Dr. Rajan Chedambath, Director, Centre for Heritage, Environment and Development wing of the Kochi Municipal Corporation during the reception and the Japanese team made a presentation on Sanin province. The delegation was very keen in probing the ways to forge the mutual cooperation and economic development in water management, handling industrial waste, recycling and IT. The team also asked about the issues faced by the civic administration in the solid waste management sector. The team also visited the Brahmapuram treatment plant after the council reception to get a clear cut information about the waste management system of the Kochi Municipal Corporation. The team offered all support for the development and modernization of Kochi’s urban sector from Sanin’s areas of expertise.


Masataka Matsuura  (Mayor, Matsue City), Yasuo Nozaka (Mayor, Yonago City), Hideto Nagaoka (Mayor, Izumo City), Hiroki Kondo (Mayor, Yasugi City), Katsugi Nakamura (Mayor, Sakaiminato City), Hon’be Mayor Shri. Tony Chammany, Deputy Mayor Smt. Bhadra B, Kochi Corporation Secretary Smt. A.S. Anuja and Standing Committee Chairmen were also present.

The visit was organized by Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce and they will lead the collaboration between two cities.

The entire visit was coordinated by c-hed for the Kochi Municipal Corporation.