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Association with Cardiff City

The c-hed had coordinated the entire CLGF project between the Cardiff City and the Cochin City with an aim to strengthen Cochin’s corporate governance and leadership capacity by developing a strategic policy framework which in turn was supported by increased technical expertise in service delivery.  cardiff

The partnership agreement between Cardiff Council and the Kochi Municipal Corporation was initiated during the first scoping visit to Cochin in September 2006 by officers from Cardiff Council. 

This visit provided the opportunity for discussions between Cardiff Officers and the Mayor of Cochin, the Secretary of the Kochi Municipal Corporation, key elected members and Cochin’s Project Manager in relation to key issues facing the city and the agreement around priority areas for collaboration. It also enabled a greater understanding of Cardiff’s expertise and experience of regeneration and governance models and also further discussion and confirmation of the priority areas for collaboration.

Association with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum(CLGF)

The Commonwealth Local Government Forum(CLGF) works to promote and strengthen democratic local government across the Commonwealth and to encourage the exchange of best practice – through conferences and events, programs and projects, and research and information. Working with national and local governments, CLGF aims to support the development of democratic values and good local governance.

As a designated Commonwealth Organization, CLGF ensures that the voice of Local Government is heard within the Commonwealth and that they get the full support and recognition in the Commonwealth.

The c-hed has been associating with this prestigious organization for strengthening Cochin’s corporate governance and leadership capacity.