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Kochi Metropolitan Web Lab

As part of the India-EU Urban Partnership (IEUP) programme a Kochi Metropolitan Web Lab was organised by the Centre for Heritage, Environment and Development. Inaugurated by the Hon’ble Mayor, the web lab focused on ‘Resilient Urban Planning’ (given its significance post COVID and resulting issues such as reverse migration). The two week long brainstorming session provided new insights and defined a pipeline of projects for structured metropolitan development in Kochi and its surroundings. The Lab emphasized structural planning around the specific themes of Environment, Transport, Housing, Productive Activities (economic aspects) and Social facilities (social infrastructure).

The Metropolitan Lab was facilitated by Dr. Pedro Ortiz, an internationally renowned Planning Professional. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the New York University’s Marron Institute of Urban Management.

The Web Lab was structured as a participatory workshop with assigned group tasks for participants of the Web Lab and provided a platform for the local expertise to engage with the global views on building a metropolitan region with some light thrown on implementable projects for the Kochi Metropolitan Region. 

Visit of official delegation from Vilnius , Lithuania as part of IUC programme

As part of the International Urban Cooperation Program funded by the European Union, a five member delegation from Vilnius, Lithuania led by the head of the urban development department, Mr. Mindaugas Pakalnis, visited Kochi to meet various stakeholders within Kochi Municipal Corporation, Kochi Smart City  and other parastatal agencies involved in various urban development related activities in the city. The basic objective of the visit and meeting with diverse set of stakeholders was to understand, analyse and learn the baseline scenarios related to solid waste management, policies on climate change and an assessment of the current
institutional framework in the city.  After a series of discussions it was finalised that the two cities would cooperate on three major areas: Solid waste management, transport and tourism.

Earlier, a team from Kochi led by the Hon’ble Deputy Mayor, had visited Vilnius. The exchange was as part of the City to city cooperation under the IUC Programme. 

c-hed is coordinating the project for the city and the programme is ongoing.